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Extra secret vote sites

Vanillarite’s extra secret vote sites, only the first 5 give rewards. I mostly use this page to list the voting websites I have added our server to. They are secret because they don’t give rewards. I feel that 5 vote sites is enough to vote for every day and more will only cause people to stop voting all together. Feel free to vote for these websites, it does help the server be seen by more people, but if you notice you stopped voting for a while then remember what I said about 5 being enough <3. Its better to vote for 5 vote sites often, then for all sites only rarely.

Normal votesites:


x <-- Click the x to open all 5 with 1 click. (Probably blocked by your popup blocker).

Extra votesites:


. <-- Click the . to open all 11 with 1 click. (Smol to hopefully prevent accidental clicking)

If you do vote for these secret extra vote sites, and you notice they are not up to date please let me (Aitnys) know on discord <3. I try to keep on top of things, but things slip through sometimes.

Sure donating to the server pays the bills, but attracting new players is more important then donating. Since advertising its VERY expensive for very little return its vital that we use things like the voting sites and the weekly Reddit post to reach out to new players. Please take 2 minutes to find my latest post on the r/mcservers subreddit and post an honest review of our server. The server will never stop being around from lack of funds, the cost per month is not that high. But players take breaks and leave all the time, so without new players the server will grow quieter and quieter over time. And lets face it we play on the server because we want other people around playing along side us. Thank you for being part of this community! And for reading this bogus page.

How to join our server

Step 1: Open the launcher
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Open the Minecraft java edition launcher and make sure you have the latest release selected. (After a new Minecraft version is released we will update asap, but it is possible that you will need to select an older version. You can always ask on discord to be sure) And click PLAY.

Step 2: Click multiplayer, Add server. Put in our IP: .

Screenshot of the minecraft launcher with the server IP filled in.

Click Multiplayer, and then Add Server. For Server Name you can fill out what you want, and for Server Address you will need to put in and click Done. Select the server and click Join Server.

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